Tuesday, December 9, 2014

DIY Teeth Whitener

We found a solution that works to whiten your teeth. Yes a DIYer that really works.

Its three steps:

1. Gargle with Hydrogen Peroxide daily
2. Add baking soda to your toothpaste
3. Smash a strawberry and brush your teeth

To see a video of Before and After results click here!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Tips for Grilling Steak

Is is true that every man thinks he has the best technique for grilling steaks?  This comical Yahoo video offers one "manly" tip for grilling the best steak. Looks delicious! Oh and he recommends California olive oil over Italian olive oil.

OK men we want to hear from you! I agree it's the charcoal that is key. But the olive oil tip is a new one for me, a woman who grills every 3-4 years. What are your tips for best grilling? Click on "comment" below. Thanks for sharing.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

4 Dry Hair Remedies

Is your hair stubborn? Dry at ends and oily at the scalp? Like the t-zone of a part dry, part oily face?

You can have lustrous hair like the commercials or celebrities without spending a fortune on a stylist that makes house calls. Most of the ingredients are in your refrigerator. Here are some tips from stylists who tend to the locks of celebrities like Reese Witherspoon. We love her hair in Legally Blonde and other movies!

1. Getting to the root--the scalp
You can't have full, bouncy hair without a healthy scalp. To reduce excess oil, dampen a cotton ball with witch hazel, dab it along your hairline and part, and rinse hair with cool water. If your scalp is flaky, add five drops of tea-tree oil to your favorite shampoo as a booster. Then skip the conditioner which weighs down the hair with added oils, and instead apply a detangler to the ends of your hair. Your scalp may be sensitive so be sure to check for any burns before treatment.

2. Add Volume
It's time to kick it up a notch. In a bowl, mix one egg yolk, a half cup of honey, two tablespoons of olive oil, and two small ripe avocadoes. Apply the concoction to the entire head and leave on for one to two hours, until it hardens. Shampoo and condition as usual. And for extra bouncy, non frizzy curls, this tip came from Drew Barrymore: blot ringlets with paper towel.

3. Boost Shine
Just like your face needs treatments like scrubs to clean and then glow, your hair will benefit from olive or jojoba oil masks for that added shine.  Starting at the roots, brush a quarter cup of natural oil (synthetic oils don't work as well) through dry hair and leave it on for five minutes to help the oil penetrate deeper. Skip the roots--the scalp emits enough warmth on its own, and applying extra heat could lead to greasy textures later.

4. Preserve Color
Minerals in the water system can copperize and dull blondes and redheads. There is a solution! Mix a quarter cup of distilled white vinegar with a half cup of filtered water and pour it over hair before rinsing with cool water. Graying brunette beauties need to be careful as the peroxide-based dyes give darker shades a reddish hue. When using a coloring kit in a box, use a toothbrush to paint the individual strands. And to neutralize the harsh scent of vinegar or dyes, add a few drops of oil essence, like lavender.

Give it a true and be sure to take BEFORE and AFTER photos and we would be happy to share them here.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Ten Apps to Get You Healthy & Fit

If you live and consume the digital world, well things just got easier for getting fit and staying healthy.
Turn your tablet or iPad into a personal trainer.  The best selling, award-winning or top-rated apps can help you mobilize your health and fitness programs.

Rated one of the top fitness apps by Men's Fitness, iFitness features more than 450 exercises and includes text descriptions, audio instructions, HD images and videos.

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock
This is the #1 paid app in many countries.  Hate to be awaken during a deep sleep? Or while dreaming when your favorite celebrity is about to approach you and ....Sleep Cycle is a bio-alarm clock that  analyzes sleep pattern and wakens you when you are in a light sleep phase--the restful way to wake up.

This is an iPhone app that can be sued to track the time, distance, elevation and speed of your walks, jogs, bike rides and more. Race against yourself from previous routes, visualize maps, graphs, calendars and use social media outlets to share your workouts. Does everything except cook you breakfast.

Nike +GPS
 Map your runs, track your progress and get the motivation you need to go even further. Hear mid-run cheers every time your friends like or comment on your run status, or outrun them in a game of Nike+ Tag. Currently $1.99

MyNetDiary Pro
Count your calorie and keep track of your food intake with this app, which includes 40 Screen, a database of 430,000 foods and barcode scanner.

Love the name! This app motivates beginners to get up and off the couch and running. Currently $1.99.


Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker by MyFitness Pal
One of the most popular free fitness apps on the market, Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker allows you to set a daily calorie goal and record your food and fitness activities to stay on track. They also have largest food database of any calorie counter program--a major plus.

Yoga Free
This app contains 250 yoga poses with instructions and photo plus a special yoga tune for efficient session. It's a ready-made program with video and male voice guidance compiled by an experienced yogi. Y0u can also create your own programs using yoga poses available in this app version.

An easy-to-use app with a simple mission: to get you to drink more water. Snap a photo of your water bottle and record your daily water intake in less than 60 seconds.  Get creative and use different water bottles that vary in shape, style, colors..

If you're traveling and get injured or feel ill, where is the right, closest clinic or hospital for you? PineApp will find the closest and most convenient hospital ER or urgent care center based on your location. PineApp offers live and genuine ER wait times. Can you believe that? ER wait times! Now that's a first and innovative app.  Now this app is supposedly available at the App store or Android Market but we have yet to find it on a simple Google search.  If you do find it, please leave a comment below and send us a link.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

How to Create, Edit Microsoft Office documents on iPad

You made the switch from laptop to tablet. Useful apps, touchscreen TV--just a host of new technology features like a rainbow. But wait! You still have to work and do business. What about all those documents you created on Microsoft Office. Not compatible with iPad or other tablets.

There is a solution. With CloudOn, you can create and edit Office documents on your tablet by way of software running on the CloudOn servers.  Even better, it's free. www.CloudOn.com

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Useful App: Fake Phone Ring, Fake Voice, Fake Boobs

The power of technology just got interesting and the world of apps keeps growing.

First we have the  "Fake-A-Call" ring.  Need to be saved by a phone call to pull you out of a boring meeting, or  end a run-in with your ex-girlfriend? With this new app you can even play a pre-recorded conversation to make your fraudulent emergency all the much more convincing.  www.ExcellTechMobile.com

Along the lines of faking it, do you need to call in sick from work or any other commitment? Make it plausible with the Ultra Voice Changer,which modifies the pitch and tone of our voice. But beware: you have to pre-record  your voice--it does not work on live calls; www.KimUSoft.com

Speaking of enhancement ladies...wondering how you would look with a double breast size? You can find out with the Boob Job App. Digitally augment the size of your bosom or that of unsuspecting friends even strangers. www.LakePortDesign.com.

What is this world coming to?

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Home Remedies that Work

Each family has a memory or still practices home-remedies by mom or grandma with around-the-home products and no trip to the doctor.

In Christine's family, after a day at the beach, redness of the skin meant someone was overexposed and sunburn was evident. Hence her mom cut a piece of cactus from the yard and used the inner cactus gel as a treatment. It worked. Of course  it contains a familiar ingredient, aloe vera.

Here are some more home-remedies that doctors have heard or seen that works on patients:

Vapor Rub to Cure Nail Fungus
While there are no studies to prove coating infected toenails with vapor rub once or twice a day is an effective treatment for nail fungus, a basic Internet search results in a number of personal testaments to the medicinal ointment's fungus-killing powers. "I've heard many patients say that vapor rub does help, but I'm not exactly sure why," Dr. Blum admits. Some argue it's the menthol in the balm that kills the fungus and if used consistently, vapor rub has been shown to get rid of not just the fungus, but the infected toenail, too, which will turn black and eventually fall off. When the new nail grows in, it should be fungus-free.

Oatmeal to Sooth Ezcema
 "This is absolutely true, as oats have anti-inflammatory properties," Dr. Blum says. Whether it's used as a paste or poured into a bath, most experts recommend choosing colloidal (finely ground) oatmeal and soaking the affected area for at least 15 minutes. In addition to reducing inflammation, oats are thought to have an antihistamine effect, Dr. Blum says. By lowering levels of histamine, which triggers inflammation as part of the immune system's recovery response, she explains, oats prevent or reduce the redness.

Yogurt to Cure Bad Breath
 Bad breath comes from a number of places, the two most common being the mouth and the stomach. The neutralizing powers of yogurt and other probiotics treat the latter cause. "Yogurt shouldn't have any effect at all on the bacteria that live on the tongue because it's not there long enough," says Robert Meltzer, MD, a New York City-based gastroenterologist and attending physician at Lenox Hill Hospital. However, it likely has a neutralizing effect on the acid that resides anywhere between the mouth and the stomach, including the back of the throat and the esophagus, he explains. "I think almost any milk product or food that contains live cultures would have the same effect." While yogurt can get rid of bad breath that results from gastrological conditions, like acid reflux, it won't have any real effect on bad breath that is the product of gum, liver or lung disease, says Ohio-based dentist Matthew Messina, DDS.

Olives for Motion Sickness
 According to the National Library of Medicine, there are a number of symptoms that present themselves as a result of motion sickness, including increased salivation, which is the body's way of protecting the teeth from the high doses of acid accompanied by vomit. Enter olives, which contain tannins that, when released in the mouth, work to dry saliva-first eliminating the symptom and then the body's instinct to follow suit. However, the treatment is only effective during the early stages of nausea, when the salivation changes first appear.

Do you have some proven home remedies? Share them by clicking on comment below.