Thursday, March 1, 2012

Useful App: Fake Phone Ring, Fake Voice, Fake Boobs

The power of technology just got interesting and the world of apps keeps growing.

First we have the  "Fake-A-Call" ring.  Need to be saved by a phone call to pull you out of a boring meeting, or  end a run-in with your ex-girlfriend? With this new app you can even play a pre-recorded conversation to make your fraudulent emergency all the much more convincing.

Along the lines of faking it, do you need to call in sick from work or any other commitment? Make it plausible with the Ultra Voice Changer,which modifies the pitch and tone of our voice. But beware: you have to pre-record  your voice--it does not work on live calls;

Speaking of enhancement ladies...wondering how you would look with a double breast size? You can find out with the Boob Job App. Digitally augment the size of your bosom or that of unsuspecting friends even strangers.

What is this world coming to?

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